SpOt Drama Workshops

What we offer:

SpOt Drama workshops are for individuals of all ages and abilities. In these sessions, we play games and do drama exercises that aim to improve focus, communication skills, trust, improvisation, character work, acting, singing, dancing and much more but our main goal for each workshop is to play, have fun and be imaginative!


We also put on shows so that friends and family can see what we’ve been up to. Previous shows that we have performed include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Pantomime), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Christmas Circus, Roald Dahl Bonanza and many more!


Why choose SpOt?

In our workshops we encourage our members to express themselves and explore their feelings and imaginations through the medium of drama. We see improvements in our members’ confidence and talent as they perform individually or as part of an ensemble. Ultimately, our main goal in SpOt Drama is to empower our members and encourage them to have fun, be imaginative and create theatre in a safe space.