Little Dots

What we offer:

Our Little Dots workshops are for pre-schoolers and toddlers of all abilities. In these sessions we play games, do crafts, go on adventures, read stories and more! We ensure that these workshops are interactive and sensory so that the children can enjoy an immersive and imaginative experience. Some of the themes that we cover include: ‘On The Farm’, ‘Outer Space Adventure’, ‘Goldilocks & The Three Bears’ and ‘In The Jungle’.


We also offer workshops where parents are encouraged to participate too. These sessions provide a playful and interactive space where parents and their children can have fun, be imaginative and explore and learn together.


Why choose Little Dots?

Little Dots workshops provide a fun and creative space where children have the freedom to be imaginative, make decisions, be curious and learn about the world. Our aim is to empower our members to ask questions, be confident and communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Our Parent & Child workshops provide parents with a pocket of time away from the outside world in which they can spend quality time with their child doing drama and being creative.