SpOt Elites

What we offer:

SpOt Elites is for SpOt members who want to take their drama training further and potentially look at starting a career in the theatre. We regularly host one-off projects covering a wide variety of subjects and for each project we bring in a guest practitioner with extensive experience within that field.


Past projects have included Acting for Camera, Summer of Shakespeare and The Lion King among others! We finish each project with a performance so we can invite friends and family to see what we have created.


Why choose SpOt Elites?

SpOt Elites provides members with the foundations to embark on a career in the arts or elsewhere. We aim to create and seek out opportunities so that our members have the best possible chance of achieving their dreams. For those members who aren’t necessarily looking to start a career, our projects still provide valuable experience and training in a wide variety of skills and they are a lot of fun!